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Entering a room

As you approach a room that holds a potential threat, keep your thoracic cavity (center mass) behind the door jam as much as possible as you visually "slice the pie".  The extra building materials used to frame the door will stop direct fire from most handguns.

Visually inspect as much of the room as you can before making entry. You should be able to visually clear about 80% of an empty room by slicing the pie, before you go in. Take your time.

Once you commit to making entry, move fast and penetrate deeply, more than a few feet. Bullets tend to travel along walls and remember "corners kill". Clear the corners behind you as you enter the room.  

contributed by: Bill Nordbrock

Handgun selection 

Come back soon for our upcoming blog on handgun selection for ladies.  You will want a gun that is easy to use, does not have a lot of complicated moving parts, is easy to shoot and safe to handle.  

Talon Tactical Medicine womens firearms training in tucson

Proper grip and stance

Come back soon for our upcoming blog on the the proper grip and stance when firing a handgun. 


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