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"Training should be the hardest thing you do"

Tactical Training

Talon Tactical Medicine provides comprehensive tactical training for law enforcement, medical first responders, women, churches, businesses and civilians. This includes active shooter response, self defense, room clearing, and more!

Medical Training

Talon Tactical Medicine provides the best advanced medical training for EMT's, law enforcement and civilians. This includes TCCC, TECC, Alice, NAEMT courses and more. Our training is realistic and memorable. Scroll below for more information.

Firearms Training

Talon Tactical Medicine offers the best firearms training for law enforcement and civilians. We offer CCW Classes, LEOSA certifications, firearms safety, handgun, long gun and more. We offer women's only CCW and self defense classes. 


Classes for Women

Talon Tactical Medicine offers a host of classes especially for women. This includes women's CCW, self defense, handgun defense and more. 

Our training is very realistic so you will be prepared to take action when needed. Bring a friend!

Law Enforcement

Talon Tactical Medicine provides specialized training for various federal, state and local law enforcement agencies across the United States. 

Our realistic scenarios are some of the best in the industry. Your officers will be prepared when the time comes. 

Active Shooter

Talon Tactical Medicine provides active shooter training for law enforcement agencies, first responders, businesses, church security teams and civilians. 

Expect the unexpected and be prepared to help yourself and others. Our realistic scenarios are some of the best in the industry. 


Many of our first responders desperately need this training, but their departments are on tight budgets. They are often forced to pay for training themselves. In a few rare cases, they simply cannot afford it.

Would you consider making a small gift so we can offer them a free scholarship?


The wounds look real, but they are not. 



Talon Tactical Medicine offers NAEMT approved courses including Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) and a host of others.


Talon Tactical Medicine offers very realistic training for advanced medical, tactical, CCW, self defense, active shooter and more. We make it real so you will remember, and be prepared to take action.  


Check out our upcoming events for a class that may interest you. You will get "hands on" training that is as real as it gets. 



Talon Tactical Medicine can help you get your new LEOSA certificate, or renew an existing one. 

If you need information on the requirements, procedures or timelines, we can help with that too. 

CCW Classes

Talon Tactical Medicine is the best place to take CCW classes in Tucson. Our two-day events include practical lessons and scenario training on the range. We offer special women's only CCW classes!

Pistol Defensetalon tactical women's handgun training an CCW

Talon Tactical Medicine is the best place to take handgun defense and safety classes in Tucson. We teach you in real life scenarios so you will be prepared to take action. Call us when you are ready.