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Talon Tactical Medicine best in Tucson testimonial


Talon Tactical Clients

The advanced tactical and active threat response training at Talon Tactical is the best I have ever seen. It is realistic, logical and effective. 

Randy A.


Talon tactical is the best training in tucson brett testimonial

I have taken several courses from Talon Tactical. It always worth the time and the money. Great value delivered every time. 

Brett W.

Jessika Greathouse testimonial for Talon Tactical Medicine

Talon Tactical Medicine is the one of the best training companies out there. All of their staff has or is currently in the medical and or firearm industry. I have taken many classes through them and I plan on taking many more! If you are looking to get your CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons Permit) I would highly recommend going through Talon. 

Jessika G.

This company knows their stuff. They offer the BEST CCW (concealed carry) course in Tucson Arizona.

Justin D. 

Talon tactical medicine is the best training for church security teams

I took the two-day Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) from Talon Tactical Medicine. It was so good, I am hiring them to teach our church security team.

Gerg C. 

Talon tactical medicine is the best tactical training option in tucson

I learned stuff that I will never forget, especially about how to stop a major hemorrhage, and an active threat. This would be a FANTASTIC team building exercise for employers to put their employees through. 

Bill N.