Handcuffing 101

As soon as the suspect hears the clicking of your handcuffs, they realize they are about to lose their freedom. They may panic and attempt to fight you, or run away. This is a vulnerable time for both of you. 

If they are not resisting, have them place their hands behind their back, palms together and thumbs up. I like their feet together as they bend over, it gives them less balance than if their feet are spread apart.

Firmly grasp both of their hands with your strong hand, blading your body away from them. This keeps your holstered handgun away from them if they turn to fight.

Quickly and firmly cuff them with your weak hand. Maintain 100% control of your handcuffs until they are both firmly applied. 

contributed by: Bill Nordbrock

Handcuffing 202

Come back soon for our upcoming blog onhandcuffing techniques when the suspect begins to resist you as you apply the handcuffs....

Handcuffing 303

Come back soon for our upcoming blog on handcuffing techniques when the suspect is openly resisting arrest and combative.  

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