Site Analysis

Talon Tactical Medicine provides an on site security analysis of your church, with your security team. We identify your vulnerable areas and fix them. We help you develop a plan to keep everyone safe.

Case Studies

Talon Tactical Medicine provides church security training based on real life, video case studies. We learn lessons from the active shooter scenarios from churches, schools and more.

Firearms Training

Talon Tactical Medicine conducts on site, real life scenarios with your team. We also get everyone AZPOST firearms qualified. This is the same qualification test taken by law enforcement.


“Active shooters look for soft targets. There are many simple things you can do to deter a gunman, and avoid a tragedy entirely”

Reduce Liability

Churches may be liable for the actions of their security team, especially if they are not trained. Situational awareness and verbal de-escalation skills can avoid some situations entirely. We teach them when lethal force can be used, and when it cannot. When lethal force is justified, they will learn important skills that keep innocent people from being injured or killed.

We will share ideas with you that can remove virtually all of your liability, and still provide incredible protection for your church.


Effective Training

Talon Tactical Medicine provides the most effective training for church security teams.

Our realistic scenarios are some of the best in the industry. From your security teams perspective, it will be reality. We video tape each scenario and then debrief what went well, and what didn’t. Then we do it again until they get it right.

When training is realistic, the human brain will remember it., Your team will be prepared if the time comes.



“The wounds look real, but they are not” 


Anyone who is on your armed security team needs to be qualified, and trained to carry a gun. Having a CCW permit is NOT enough. Talon Tactical Medicine instructors will make sure all of them are qualified per AZPOST standards. This is the same qualification police officers need to meet.



Talon Tactical Medicine offers NAEMT approved medical training. Sometimes people do get hurt, despite your best intentions and planning. We will teach your team how to triage mass casualties, stop major bleeding and how to save lives until help arrives.



Talon Tactical Medicine offers very realistic training for advanced medical, tactical, self defense, active threat response and more. We make it real, so you will remember. When you remember, you will, be prepared to take action. Remember, none of these injuries are real, they just look real.


There are many organizations that teach active threat response and church security. Talon is the only one that uses videos from actual crime scenes, combined with realistic scenarios and  lifelike wounds. Making the training very realistic is the only way to know for sure how you will respond in an actual emergency. You cannot learn that in a classroom.

If your training is not extremely realistic, it will not be effective. You may not react the way you thought you would.  You might make a bad decision in a stressful situation that gets innocent people hurt or killed. Your church, and the members of the security team may be financially responsible. Get good training!

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