Basic Pistol Training

A strong foundation of fundamental handgun skills. 

Basic Pistol Training

Talon Tactical Medicine is introducing our Basic Pistol Class. This class will cover the basics of proper grip, stance, sight picture and trigger control, culminating in the basics of the proper strong side draw.  We will also cover range safety and discuss firearms safety in the home.  The class was written with input from a group of instructors with decades of experience in instructing military and law enforcement as well as competitive shooters.  This class is geared toward those, over the age of 12 accompanied by an adult, who have little or no experience and would like to learn a proper foundation for defensive or recreational purposes.  If you have any physical limitations, let us know, we will ensure that you receive the proper instruction to adapt the skills within your limitations.


  • Semi-automatic pistol with 3 magazines (We have a limited number of pistol setups available to rent.  Advanced notice required.)
  • Strong side hip mounted, appendix or thigh holster (no SERPA retention holsters, cross draw, or shoulder holsters)
  • Magazine pouch, two is preferred.
  • 200 rounds of the proper ammunition, no reloads please, 9mm will be available onsite with advanced notice for $70.

The class will run approximately 8-hours.  Expect about two hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of range time.  We expect to shoot approximately 200 rounds. Any additional TTM course reserved at the same time will receive a $25 discount per additional course.  Minimum of 10 students, Maximum of 20.

Course Fee: $125.00

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