Michael Meshirer


MICHAEL MESHIRER, CEP, TP-C | Founder, Operator

Michael is an NRA certified Advanced Firearms Instructor and an active certified emergency paramedic in Arizona, TP-C. He brings to us, a multitier background in firearms and tactics and is certified by the International Board of Specialty Certifications in advanced tactical paramedicine. Michael has spent a majority of his professional career working in the United States Federal Government for 20 years. He has extensive training in firearms marksmanship and designated a distinguished weapons expert in multiple weapons. Mr. Meshirer trains and regularly instructs in defensive tactics to include edged weapons and cellular team movements. He travels nationwide to train various agencies in Active Shooter and Tactical Combat Casualty Care. Michael has taught internationally and trained with and been part of multiple special response teams. He is an expert in search and rescue and advanced medicine. Mr. Meshirer is currently an active certified emergency paramedic in Arizona. He teaches at several Fire and Ambulatory Services Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support. He has studied the mechanisms of injury and illnesses extensively to children, which is dear to his heart. Mr. Meshirer has taught for 14 years both government and civilian markets. He has taught in a college setting as a subject matter expert in various disciplines. Michael has taught weapons safety to families of all origin focusing on firearms safety in the house and transit travel. He currently teaches advanced CCW courses which include force on force scenarios, bleeding control and tourniquet applications, laws and statutes, introduction to basic and advanced firearms, live round qualifications, cellular movements, home invasion prevention and threat analysis, edged weapons training and defensive maneuvers, basic warrior mindset and muscle memory drills.  Michael and his wife have one pediatric daughter who inspires him to continue to move forward with training and education.