Jill Connor


Jill is a certified NRA firearms instructor.  She has 12 years of experience as a Federal Agent.  She has had extensive training and experience in the fields of close quarters combat, threat assessment, and firearms marksmanship.  Jill worked as a Border Patrol Agent on the Arizona border for six years, as a Federal Air Marshal for three years and as an Intelligence Specialist for three years.  She has worked on several Joint Task Forces as well as Threat Analysis Units and at the Human Smuggling and Trafficking Center in Washington D.C.  As such, she has been in many first responder situations and has handled them well.  Jill has been the recipient of several awards in her field including (but not limited to) the Protecting the Homeland Award in 2007, from the Secretary of Homeland Security and has been recognized by President George W. Bush for her work. Being a petite female in a law enforcement position, she was afforded many unique opportunities to work in undercover capacities.  This forced her to become particularly proficient at concealing a weapon and drawing from a concealed carry position.  She has also been certified by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center to teach Physical Training and Close Quarters Combat. Jill is married and has two young sons.  Currently, her career is on ‘pause’ to raise her family, but she still regularly enjoys recreational shooting and has kept her skills up to date. Jill is happy working with Talon Tactical Medicine as a way to share her expertise. She is a resident of Phoenix, Arizona.