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Talon's Talent

World class training requires world class teachers. Meet the Talon Instructors. They are simply the best in the business. 

Talon Tactical Medicine best instruction in tucson for ccw firearms medical and tactical training

The Talon Tactical Medicine Instructors are the very best in Tucson. Specialized training in CCW, self defense, tactical medicine, first aid, active shooter and firearms safety.


talon tactical medicine owner michael meshirertalon tactical women's handgun training an CCW

Michael Meshirer


NRA certified advanced firearms instructor, certified emergency paramedic, weapons expert, defensive tactics and national trainer of Active Shooter and TCCC.

"Training should be the hardest thing you do"

Kelley Meshirer talon tactical and medicine

Kelley Meshirer

VP Operations 

NRA certified firearms instructor, extensive martial arts training with a special interest in combat swords. She also has expertise in public relations and fundraising.

"Do not complain unless you are doing something about it"

rywan wyatt talon tactical and medicine instructor

Ryan Wyatt

Director of Training

Instructor of tactics and medicine, certified flight paramedic, former High Threat Protection Medic and Medic Team Lead for the Littlebird program in Baghdad, Iraq.  TCCC instructor.  NRA certified firearms instructor.

"Maintain your balance when jumping on the bird"

Talon Tactical Medicine best CCW and women defense instructors in tucson Rob MoonTalon Tactical Medicine best CCW and women defense instructors in tucson Rob Moon

Rob Moon

Assistant Director of Training

Technical rescue expert, high angle rope rescue, confined space and swift water rescue. Certified TCCC, TECC & CPR instructor, EMT, advanced cardiac life support and wildland firefighter.

"I kind of like the heat in the kitchen"

James Weygand

Tactical Defense and Logistics 

Retired Federal Law Enforcement Officer, tactical defense and use of force instructor. Hand to hand combat, taser, baton, launched gas, explosive munitions & remote rescue specialist. 

"I like teaching good people how to survive bad situations"

allison lane talon tactical and medicine medical directorTalon Tactical Medicine best women's firearms and self defense training in Tucson

Allison Lane

Medical Director

Board-certified Emergency Medicine physician. Certified Sports Medicine physician. NRA certified firearms instructor. Former EMT and Wildland Firefighter. 

"Understand new threats and know how to combat them with tactics and medicine"

Talon Tactical Medicine tactical firearms and medical training Tucson

Phillip Davis

Firearms and Communication Specialist

Former US Marine and radio technician. Advanced NRA firearms instructor and Range Safety Officer. EMT and certified PHTLS. Certified TCCC and TECC instructor. 

"When chaos comes knocking, clear communications can be a tactical advantage"

Talon Tactical Medicine TCCC and NAEMT realistic medical training Tucson

Bobbie Merica

Moulage Concepts, CEO

Owner of a medical-trauma moulage company and author of several moulage training books. An expert at making simulations "come alive". A world class special effects artist with world class results.

"When your mind thinks the scenario looks real, it is real. It makes training much more effective"

Natalie Thompson

Firearms and Medical

NRA certified firearms instructor specializing in pistol and advanced tactics. Certified TCCC instructor.  

"Learn what you need to know to save the lives of you and your family"

Rich Cruz talon tactical medicine martial arts instructor

Rich Cruz

Close Quarter Combat & Defensive Tactics

Kajukenbo 6th degree black belt. Combat arms instructor. Trained in EOD and SERE

"There is always something new to learn"

Jill Connor


NRA certified firearms instructor and former Federal Agent. Extensive experience with close quarters combat, threat assessment and firearms marksmanship. 

"I love to teach and share my expertise"

Wren Keller

Swift Water & Hazardous Material

Certified flight paramedic and technical rope rescue instructor. Hazardous materials technician.

"You have to take time off to sharpen the axe"

Talon Tactical Medicine best CCW and women defense instructors in tucson joe madrigal

Joe Madrigal

Assistant Director of Firearms

NRA certified advanced firearms instructor. Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) and (LEOSA) instructor.  

"If you are going to do it, you might as well do it right"

Talon Tactical Medicine best CCW and women defense instructors in tucson james scordato

James Scordato

Director of Firearms

NRA certified firearms instructor in marksmanship and tactics. Expert marksman and master of weapon manipulation. 

"I particularly enjoy watching women gain confidence and self esteem with training"