Improve Handgun Accuracy

There are a few basic principles to follow if you would like to improve accuracy with a handgun.

Start with a good comfortable stance. Feet about shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent with your weight shifted slightly forward on the balls of your feet. Your upper body should be leaning just a bit forward. We will write a separate blog of the proper grip. For now, watch this video to see what the proper grip looks like. In order to shoot a handgun accurately, you must align the sights with your target and gently squeeze the trigger straight back. Focus on the front sight, allow the rear sight and the target to be slightly blurry. Focus your eye(s) on that front sight only, don’t just look at it. Watch this video to understand why this is so important. This is one of the most important steps to improve handgun accuracy. 

When your sights are aligned, place your finger on the trigger and slowly pull the trigger straight back. Breathe slowly and deeply, and try to time your shot as you are at the bottom of your exhale. Proper finger placement is important and practice pulling your finger straight back. Watch this video to learn more.
Once you have the proper stance, grip, sight alignment and trigger pull, you should see significant improvement in your handgun accuracy.

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