Understanding proper grip and stance

If you have been around the firearms world for any length of time, you’ve heard “sights and trigger” more times than you can count.  The importance of proper alignment of the gun and applying pressure properly to the trigger to fire the shot so that the alignment is not disturbed is undeniable.  However, a good stance with a forward balance into the gun and a properly applied grip can be invaluable while learning to properly manipulate the trigger without moving the alignment of the gun.

Your stance should be a fairly relaxed “athletic” position.  A lot of newer shooters will have a tendency to lean back while extending the gun to keep their balance centered.  The problem lies when the gun recoils.  The gun will then push you back moving your weight to your heels.  This can cause you to feel that the gun is pushing you around, so you compensate by trying to push into the gun as you fire.  This misaligns the gun before the shot breaks and you miss the intended target.  Keeping your weight biased toward your toes can help mitigate this feeling as well as allow for better recoil recovery and faster, more accurate follow up shots.

The grip is more important.  If your hands are separating or the gun is moving around in your hands while you shoot, you may try to compensate in some way that will misalign the gun before the shot breaks.  An inconsistent grip can lead to improper trigger finger placement so that you are applying pressure to the side of the trigger rather than the center.  A good grip is also essential for getting the gun to return to target quickly as well as mitigate small movements caused by an improper trigger press.

When talking about defensive use of a firearm there is a lot of talk about not being able to achieve the “perfect” grip and/or stance in a fight.  This is true in a lot of defensive situations, and you should learn to shoot in nonstandard shooting positions, while moving among other considerations.  On the other hand, if you are having trouble hitting a 10” target at 10-15 yards under no pressure while standing still, how do you think you’re going to shoot during one of the scariest moments of your life while moving?  Until you have mastered trigger control, try keeping with the best grip and most solid stance you can achieve.  We didn’t start out driving with a Ferrari on a race track.

If you want to better your understanding of a good stance, grip, trigger control and sight picture, come see us.

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