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Talon Tactical Medicine provides the best tactical and medical training in Tucson. We offer TCCC, TECC, NAEMT and CCW Classes, plus a lot more! Many classes for women only.


The health and well-being of our students and instructors are our highest priorities during these unprecedented times. Out of an abundance of caution, and based on the obvious health risks, we must cancel spring classes for 2020.


Ladies Street Survival - FREE Workshop

FREE workshop at 5.11 Tactical. Learn basic, easy to remember and effective life saving techniques that will defeat most situations you will encounter on the streets. Wear comfortable clothes. You will practice live striking with fingers, knees and elbows on our (well padded) instructors.

Cancelled - COVID-19

Tactical Active Threat Response (TATR)

Advanced tactics for dealing with a variety of active threats. Learn the best way to clear rooms tactically, solo and in teams of two. Instantly assess a variety of scenarios, develop and implement the plan with the highest probability of survival and success. Learn the difference between dynamic vs. tactical entry, and when to use them. We also cover tactical medical care including tourniquets, wound packing, use of chest seals and extraction. 

Cancelled - COVID-19

Bleed Control - Tourniquets - FREE Workshop

FREE Workshop at 5.11 Tactical. Learn life saving medical and tactical skills you will need if someone is injured and at risk of losing their life from loss of blood. World class training. 

Cancelled - COVID-19

Weekend for Women Warriors - NEW!

Brand new class! Never before offered! Designed for women who are comfortable with a handgun and want to take it the next level. Learn about legal use of lethal force, weapon retention, using cover and concealment, active threat response, close quarters battle, shooting on the move, room clearing tactics and more! Real life scenarios. Live Fire Exercises

Cancelled - COVID-19

(date/location TBD)

Active Threat Response - Bleeding Control

NAEMT approved course with 6 hours of CEU's. Imagine you are in an active threat situation, an accident, crime or natural disaster. There are multiple victims, with life threatening injuries. Learn to triage someone in 15 seconds. Learn life saving medical and tactical skills like bleeding control and situational awareness. Realistic scenarios. 

Cancelled - COVID-19


Defensive Pistol 150


This two day class will teach you proper grip, stance, sight picture and trigger control. Also covers weapon malfunctions and manipulation. Live fire course requires 500 rounds (not included)


Talon Tactical Medicine offers a variety of custom tailored training programs for your employees, with your business in mind. Incredible team building classes available!

Coed CCW / self defense class (two-day event)

This two day class includes everything you need to obtain your CCW permit. You will also learn how to carry responsibly. Day #2 includes scenario based training to give you the confidence and skills you need to protect yourself. 

TCCC/TECC Active Threat Response / Active Shooter

This two day class will teach you how to react to active threats, eliminate the threat, triage and treat the wounded, utilize cover and concealment and MUCH more! Realistic, scenario based training. 

Pediatric emergencies / trauma care

You will learn valuable information on pediatric emergencies and trauma. We will also discuss pediatric CPR. Will you be prepared for the unexpected? This training will help! 

law enforcement advanced tactics

Talon Tactical Medicine offers a variety of options for State, Local and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. Includes SWAT and SRT Team training anywhere in the US.

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