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Talon Tactical Medicine blog with tips and tricks for first aid, tactical, active shooter, venue security, home defense and much more!


Talon Tactical Medicine womens training blog

Women Only Blog

Talon Tactical Medicine offers many classes specifically designed for women only. This blog page contains those blogs designed for this very important segment of our clients.  

Talon tactical is the best training in tucson tactical blog

Tactical Training Blog

Talon Tactical Training is Tucson's best tactical training option. This includes active threat response, law enforcement tips, church security and more.

Talon Tactical Medicine TCCC and NAEMT medical training Tucson blog

Medical Training Blog 

Talon Tactical Medicine is Tucson's best medical training. Read these blogs from our certified medical doctors, TCCC, TECC instructors, EMT's, paramedics and more.  Good life saving content.

Firearms and Safety Blog

Talon Tactical Medicine offers many classes on firearms and personal safety. This blog contains tips on firearms, and other stuff to help keep you safe.   

Talon tactical medicine self defense classes are the best in tucson

Self Defense Blog

Talon Tactical Training is Tucson's best self defense training option. From martial arts, to edged weapons, you will find it here. 

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Cool Stuff Blog 

Talon Tactical Medicine shares any great blog we find from other sources here. If it is cool and we did not write it, you will probably find it here.