Talon Tactical Medicine First Aid Training


Tucson, Arizona 85755


Why Talon Tactical Medicine?

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Mission Statement:

Talon Tactical Medicine is dedicated to training American Families in how to take responsibility for their own safety. We believe that training should be the hardest thing we ever do to protect our families. We provide reality based practical training from basic to advanced medicine and firearms application. We have customized courses in both Co-ed and lady’s self-defense.

“si vis pacem, para bellum” - "to have peace, prepare for war".

Who we are:

Talon Tactical Medicine is a team of experienced tacticians with background careers in the medical, military, government, and emergency response fields. Our cooperative has been helping individuals, schools, police departments, and other organizations prepare and train for active threat response. We are Arizona’s number one tactical medicine and firearms training team.

Saving one life at a time, why not start with yours?